Mei Wang

Position: Professor

Education and working experiences:

1. Dec. 2017 – Present Professor

nstitute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University, China

2. Oct. 2017 – Dec. 2017 Assistant Professor

Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University, China

3. Sep. 2014 – Oct. 2017 Post-doc. Researcher

Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

4. Sep. 2010 – Aug. 2014 Integrated M.S. & Ph.D.

Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

5. Sep. 2006 – Jul. 2010 B.S. in Chemistry

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shandong University, Jinan, China

Research contents:

Advanced functional materials toward applications including electromagnetic absorption/shielding, sensors (strain sensors,  ressure sensors and electrochemical sensors), photo-/photoelectron-catalysis, supercapacitors, 3D printing, etc.

Project experience:

8 projects funded by National Research Foundation of Korea, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanxi Province, etc.

Journal publications:

1.  Yuxiang Yan, Ning Bu, Xiaoquan Bai, Mei Wang, Yifei Ma, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen, Zhaomin Tong. A liquid crystal optical sensor for simple and quantitative determination of dimethyl methylphosphonate using laser speckle[J]. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2023, 170: 107763.

2.  Yifei Ma, Jiemin Han, Dewu Yue, Zhaomin Tong, Mei Wang, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Position-Induced Controllable Growth of Vertically Oriented Graphene Using Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition[J]. Inorganic Chemistry, 2023, 62(33): 13505-13511.

3.  Shun Li, Zhuo Cai, Jiemin Han, Yifei Ma*, Zhaomin Tong, Mei Wang*, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia and Xuyuan Chen. Fast-response photothermal bilayer actuator based on poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)graphene oxidehydroxyethyl methacrylate/polydimethylsiloxane[J]. RSC advances, 2023, 13(26): 18090-18098.

4.   Yan Sun, Xin Yang, Ruonan Ding, Sung Yong Hong, Jinwoo Lee, Zongfu An, Mei Wang, Yifei Ma, Jae-Do Nam, Jonghwan Suhr. Sun Y, Yang X, Ding R, et al. Super-elastic and mechanically durable MXene-based nanocomposite aerogels enabled by interfacial engineering with dual crosslinking strategy[J]. Nano Research, 2023, 16(5): 8025-8035.

5.   Tan Binh Nguyen, Bumyong Yoon, Trong Danh Nguyen, Eunyoung Oh, Yifei Ma, Mei Wang, Jonghwan Suhr. A facile salt-templating synthesis route of bamboo-derived hierarchical porous carbon for supercapacitor applications. Carbon, 206, 383-391.

6.   Feng Niu, Fugong Zhou, Zhixun Wang, Lei Wei, Jie Hu, Lei Dong, Yifei Ma, Mei Wang, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen, Zhaomin Tong. Synthesizing metal oxide semiconductors on doped Si/SiO2 flexible fiber substrates for wearable gas sensing[J]. Research, 2023, 6: 0100.

7.   Zhaoxia Fan, Jinjia Liu, Yifei Ma, Mei Wang, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen, Zhaomin Tong. Equal-intensity beam splitter realization by wire grid polarizers for passive laser speckle reduction[J]. Applied Optics, 2023, 62(11): 2862-2868.

8.   Zhuo Cai, Yifei Ma*, Ke Zhao, Micun Yun, Xinyu Wang, Zhaomin Tong, Mei Wang*, Jonghwan Suhr, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, and Xuyuan Chen. Ti3C2Tx MXene/graphene oxide/Co3O4 nanorods aerogels with tunable and broadband electromagnetic wave absorption[J]. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2023: 142042.

9.   Zhuo Cai, Yifei Ma*, Micun Yun, Mei Wang*, Zhaomin Tong, Jonghwan Suhr, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Multifunctional MXene/holey graphene films for electromagnetic interference shielding, Joule heating, and photothermal conversion[J]. Composites Part B: Engineering, 2023, 251: 110477.

10.  Yifei Ma, Ke Zhao, Jiemin Han, Bingkang Han, Mei Wang*, Zhaomin Tong, Jonghwan Suhr, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, and Xuyuan Chen. A Pressure Sensor Based on Lumpily Pyramidal Vertical Graphene Film with Broad Sensing Range and High Sensitivity[J]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023, 15(10): 13813-13821.

11.  Haomin Ji, Yifei Ma, Zhuo Cai, Micun Yun, Jiemin Han, Zhaomin Tong, Mei Wang*, Jonghwan Suhr, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Mesoporous Cobalt Oxide (CoOx) Nanowires with Different Aspect Ratios for High Performance Hybrid Supercapacitors[J]. Nanomaterials, 2023, 13(4): 749.

12.  Ke Zhao, Jiemin Han, Yifei Ma, Zhaomin Tong, Jonghwan Suhr, Mei Wang*Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Highly Sensitive and Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensors Based on Vertical Graphene and Micro-Pyramidal Dielectric Layer[J]. Nanomaterials, 2023, 13(4): 701.

13.  Yifei Ma, Zijian Li, Jiemin Han, Linhan Li, Mei Wang*, Zhaomin Tong, Jonghwan Suhr,Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, and Xuyuan Chen. Vertical Graphene Canal Mesh for Strain Sensing with a Supereminent Resolution[J]. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14(28): 32387-32394.

14.  Zhuo Cai, Yifei Ma*, Mei Wang*, A.-Niu Qian, Zhaomin Tong, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Engineering of electrolyte ion channels in MXene/holey graphene electrodes for superior supercapacitive performances[J]. Rare Metals, 2022, 41(6): 2084-2093.

 15.  Jiemin Han, Yifei Ma*, Mei Wang*, Zhaomin Tong, Jonghwan Suhr, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen. Nano-and micro-engineered vertical graphene/Ni for superior optical absorption[J]. Applied Surface Science, 2022, 606: 154922.

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