Micro-/Nano- Optoelectronic Materials and Technologies

Micro-/nano- optoelectronic materials and technologies group focuses on the development of advanced micro-/nano- materials in various applications, for example, in energy storage/conversion. Specific topics of interest include controllable synthesis of low dimensional materials, new technique development for 3D material synthesis, interface engineering and characterizations of composite materials, and so on. The group also focused on RGB laser projection displays and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technologies, which are closely in cooperation with industry partners. For RGB laser projection displays technology, specific topics of interest include the development of laser speckle reduction technologies, the development of advanced micro display devices, and MEMS. And for laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technology, the technology is based on the technique in which plasma by the interaction of high power laser pulse with solid, liquids and gases. The laser-induced plasma is a micro- source of light, emitted by excited atomic and ionic species. The atomic transitions and molecular bands are used for plasma diagnostic and for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of trace elements in closed contact as well at a standoff distance.

         This research area contains the following groups:

l Laser Displays Group

l Micro-/Nano- Optoelectronic Energy (MNOE) Group

l Spectrochemical Analysis and Instrumentation Group