Single-molecular Quantum Optics and Nanophotonics

Effective measurement and control of single molecule is an important research content of molecular-photon interaction, and is the key to realize quantum control. The goal of this research area is to study the photophysical and coherent properties of single molecules, to manipulate the optical and electrical properties of single molecules, to prepare single photon quantum states based on single molecules and to find their applications in the field of quantum information processing.

By measuring the statistical characteristics of time-resolved counting and fluorescence lifetime fluctuation of single molecule, the effects of light-induced excitation on the spectral shift of single molecule and the population of single molecule in triplet state were analyzed. To enhance the interaction between light field and single molecule, coherent manipulation of single molecule in a strongly coupled system was studied. The supersensitive photon number measurement and sub-shot noise signal measurement based on light field and single molecule system were carried out. The single molecule dynamics characteristics including electron transfer, quantum jump and spectral jump and diffusion were studied, and the statistical and evolutionary behavior of single molecule electron coherence was measured.

Based on the fluorescence microscope, we can go further into the fundamental optical properties and dynamics of other single emitters, such as single quantum dots, single metal nanoparticles, and individual perovskite nanocrystals. We are also interested in the investigation and manipulation of the properties of functional 2D materials, such as Graphene oxide, MoS2, WS2, MoSe2, WSe2.

Benefiting the abundant toolboxes of single molecule fluorescence detection, we can manipulate the properties of all of these materials by using various methods including light field, electric field, magnetic field, and various environments.