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The Institute of Laser Spectroscopy is the first-level academic research institution of Shanxi University, which is a part of the State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices. In 1989, the academic leader Prof. Suotang Jia, who conducted research on laser spectroscopy and established the laser spectroscopy laboratory in 2000. The laboratory was upgraded to the first-level academic research institution of Shanxi University in June 2010 and renamed the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy of Shanxi University in June 2013.

The Institute of Laser Spectroscopy has developed rapidly and has formed a stable and energetic research team. There are 29 professors, 9 associate professors, 44 researchers with doctoral degrees, and 7 overseas distinguished professors.

The main research areas of the Institute of Laser Spectroscopy are focus on interaction between light and atomic molecules, precision spectroscopy and quantum information. The corresponding  experimental platforms have already been established include ultra-cold molecular physical platforms, ultra-cold Rydberg atomic platforms, single-molecule spectroscopy and kinetic platforms, and high-resolution spectroscopy application platforms.

The Institute has launched many academic exchanges and cooperation with international institutions. Researchers have visited NIST, Harvard University, Rice University, University of Maryland, Hopkins University, French National Science Center, University of Duhan, University of Heidelberg, Leiden University, Leuven University, Japan Electric Communication University, Taiwan Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences and other related research institutions.

The Institute undertakes 150 national projects: National Major Research Project (973 Project), National Key Research and Development Programs, National 863 Program, Special Project of International Cooperation and Exchange of Ministry of Science and Technology, National Major Basic Research Program, and State Key Program of National Natural Science of China and so on. More than 990 articles have been published on important international and domestic academic journals, about 880 articles have been collected by SCI. And 196 Nationally authorized invention patents has been obtained.

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 By bus: bus line 868/861/70/849, takes about 20 minutes, the fare: 4 yuan

 By taxi: It takes about 6 minutes, the fare: about 10 yuan

 2.  From airport to Shanxi University (about 9 km )

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