Theoretical Research on Quantum Control of Matter State

    In this research area, we focus on theoretically investigation and simulation of the quantum control of matter states, to fundamentally understanding the properties of matters and physics mechanisms and design the proper experimental setup or corresponding devices.

    The main research include: studying electronic and optical properties of novel materials by using non-equilibrium Green’s function approach, scattering matrix, first principle calculation, tight-binding modeling, semi-classical approach investigating the ultrafast electronic and nuclear motions in molecules through accurate quantum mechanical simulations, to unravel the details of ultrafast charge migration, molecular reaction dynamics, and coupled electronic and nuclear dynamics; studying the many-body dynamics of ultracold atoms and polar molecules, developing efficient numerical methods in various quantum lattice systems, exploring novel self-ordering quantum state induced by collective behaviors of light and matter, and accessing topological aspects of quantum matter through field theory; fundamental understanding the topological quantum states of matter out of equilibrium or beyond the realm of Hermiticity; and investigating topological photonics in waveguide lattice chips and designing functional topologically protected photonic devices; applying topological protection mechanism into quantum optics and quantum information processing.

     This research area contains the following groups:

l The group of quantum simulation

l Quantum dynamics simulations and control of molecular systems Group

l Ultracold Quanttum Matter and Emergent Phenomena  Group

l Synthetic Topological States of Matter Group

l Research Group for Electronic and Optical Properties of Novel Quantum Materials