HU Ying

Job Title: Professor

School/Institute*:State Key Lab of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University, Taiyuan


Tel: +86-0351-8383847


Ph. D in Physics, Vanderbilt University, USA

BS, Materials Science,Nanjing University

Research Area:

I carry out theoretical research on the interface of AMO and condensed matter. Topics include the interactions of light and matter, quantum simulation, quantum sensing, nonequilibrium quantum phases, topological quantum matter.

Selective Publications

[1] Long Zhang, Lin Zhang, Ying Hu, Sen Niu, and Xiong-Jun Liu, Nonequilibrium characterization of equilibrium correlated quantum phases, Physical Review B 103, 224308 (2021).

[2] Mingyong Jing, Ying HuJie Ma, Hao Zhang, Linjie Zhang, Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia, Atomic superheterodyne receiver based on microwave-dressed Rydberg spectroscopy, Nature Physics 16, 911 (2020).

[3] Oliver Kaestle , Yue Sun, Ying Hu, and Alexander Carmele, Memory-critical dynamical buildup of phonon-dressed Majorana fermions , Physical Review B 102, 245115 (2020).

[4] Xingze Qiu, Tian- Shu Deng, Ying Hu, Peng Xue, Wei Yi, Fixed Points and Dynamic Topological Phenomena in a Parity-Time-Symmetric Quantum Quench, iScience 20, 392 (2019).

[5] Jan Carl Budich, Ying Hu and Peter Zoller, Helical Floquet channels in 1D lattices, Physical Review Letter 118, 105302 (2017).

[6] Ying Hu, Peter Zoller, and Jan Carl Budich, Dynamical buildup of a quantized Hall response from nontopological states, Physical Review Letter 117, 126803