WANG Huihui

Job Title: Lecturer

School/Institute:State Key Lab of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices, Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University, Taiyuan



[1] 2014.07 to 2018.12

University of Rostock, Institute of physics, Theoretical Physics, PhD.

[2] 2011.09 to 2014.07

Shanxi University, Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Master of Physics

[3] 2007.09 to 2011.07

Shanxi University, College of Physics and electronic engineering, Optical Information Science and Technology, Bachelor of Physics.

Research Area:

[1] Computational atomic molecular physics, including atomic molecular spectroscopy, potential energy surface and normal mode

[2] Ultrafast electron dynamics of molecules, including charge transfer and charge migration

[3] Ultrafast spin-flip dynamics of transition metal complexes


[1] 2019.01-Now: Institute of Laser Spectroscopy, Shanxi University, Lecturer

Grants and Projects:

[1] The National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholar: “Investigation of ultrafast spin-flip dynamics of transition metal complexes”, Grant No. 11904215, 2020/01-2022/12.

Selective Publications

[1] Huihui Wang, Yuechun Jiao, Jianming Zhao, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia, “Microwave Ind uced Ultralong-Range Charge Migration in a Rydberg Atom”, Chinese Physical Letters, 39, 013401, 2022.

[2] Yonghong Xu, Huihui Wang, Yonggang Yang*, Changyong Li, Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia, “Vibrational band-structures caused by internal rotations of the boron Wankel rotor B11-”, RSC Advances, 11, 3613, 2021.

[3] Vladislav Kochetov, Huihui Wang, and Sergey I. Bokarev , Effect of chemical structure on the ultrafast spin dynamics in core-excited states, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 153, 044304, 2020.

[4] Huihui Wang, Tobias Möhle, Oliver Kühn, Sergey I Bokarev, Ultrafast dissipative spin-state dynamics triggered by x-ray pulse trains, Physical Review A, 98, 013408, 2018.

[5] Huihui Wang, Sergey I Bokarev, Saadullah G Aziz, Oliver Kühn, “Ultrafast Spin-State D ynamics in Transition-Metal Complexes Triggered by Soft-X-Ray Light”, Physical Review Letters, 118, 023001, 2017.

[6] Huihui Wang, Sergey I Bokarev, Saadullah G Aziz, Oliver Kühn,Density matrix-based t ime-dependent configuration interaction approach to ultrafast spin-flip dynamics”, Molecular Physics, 115, 1898, 2017.