2016 (69)

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Timm Bredtmann*,Jo?rn Manz*,and Jian-Ming Zhao
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Chunguang Li, Lei Dong*, Chuantao Zheng, Frank K. Tittel*
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ChunMei Liu,Jo¨rn Manzabc and Yonggang Yang*
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41. Impact of Humidity on Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Based CO Detection Using a Near-IR Telecommunication Diode Laser
Xukun Yin ,Lei Dong*, Huadan Zheng, Xiaoli Liu, Hongpeng Wu ,Yanfang Yang, Weiguang Ma, Lei Zhang, Wangbao Yin, Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia
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Lei Dong*,Chunguang Li,1 Nancy P. Sanchez,Aleksander K. Gluszek,Robert J. Griffin,and Frank K. Tittel
Applied Physics Letters (2016)108, 011106(4)
44. Doppler-broadened NICE-OHMS beyond the cavity-limited weak absorption condition–II: Experimental verification
Thomas Hausmaninger,IsakSilander, WeiguangMa,,OveAxner*
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer (2016) 168,245—256
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Lixian Yu,Caifeng Li,Jingtao Fan,Gang Chen*,Tian-Cai Zhang and Suotang Jia
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WeiguangMa, IsakSilander, ThomasHausmaninger,OveAxner*
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47. Excitation Dependence of Dipole–Dipole Broadening in Selective Reflection Spectroscopy
Teng-Fei Meng, Zhong-Hua Ji, Yan-Ting Zhao*,Lian-Tuan Xiao, Suo-Tang Jia
Chinese Physics Letters (2016) 33(11),113202(4)
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Tengfei Meng,Zhonghua Ji,Yanting Zhao*,Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia
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49. High-Resolution Rb Two-Photon Transition Spectroscopy by a Femtosecond Frequency Comb via Pulses Control
Yi-Chi Zhang, Peng-Rui Fan, Jin-Peng Yuan, Li-Rong Wang*,Lian-Tuan Xiao, Suo-Tang Jia
Chinese Physics Letters (2016) 33(11),113201(3)
50. Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Cold Gas with Strong Atomic Interactions
Yue-Chun Jiao,Xiao-Xuan Han,Zhi-Wei Yang,Jian-Ming Zhao*,Suo-Tang Jia
Chinese Physics Letters (2016) 33(12),123201(4)
51. Two-Photon Transitions of 85Rb 5??5/2 State by Using an Optical Frequency Comb and a Continuous-Wave Laser
Shu-Kai Cao, Peng-Rui Fan, Yi-Chi Zhang, Li-Rong Wang*,Lian-Tuan Xiao, Suo-Tang Jia
Chinese Physics Letters (2016) 33(2),023201(4)
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Yuechun Jiao,Jingkui Li,Limei Wang,Hao Zhang,Linjie Zhang,Jianming Zhao*,and Suotang Jia
Chinese Physics B (2016) 25(5),053201(3)
53. Review of methodological and experimental LIBS techniques for coal analysis and their application in power plants in China
Yang Zhao, Lei Zhang*, Shu-Xia Zhao, Yu-Fang Li,Yao Gong, Lei Dong,Wei-Guang Ma, Wang-Bao Yin,Shun-Chun Yao, Ji-Dong Lu, Lian-Tuan Xiao, Suo-Tang Jia
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54. 利用单分子光学探针测量幂律分布的聚合物动力学
物理学报 (2016) 65(21),218201(7)
55. 基于压电陶瓷与光纤电光调制器双通道伺服反馈的激光相位锁定实验研究
侯佳佳,赵刚,谭巍,邱晓东,贾梦源,马维光*, 张雷,董磊,冯晓霞,尹王保,肖连团,贾锁堂
物理学报 (2016) 65(23),234204
56. 水泥生料品质激光在线检测设备研制
光谱学与光谱分析 (2016) 36(5),1494-1499
57. 双重频率锁定的腔衰荡吸收光谱技术研究及信号处理
物理学报 (2016) 65(12),128701(7)
58. 电场操控单分子荧光特性的研究进展
激光与光电子学进展 (2016)53,020003(11)
59. 对乙基苯盼的单色共振双光子电离光谱
量子光学学报 (2016) 22(2),115-120
60. 调制激光场中Rydberg原子的电磁感应透明
杨智伟 焦月春 韩小萱 赵建明* 贾锁堂
物理学报 (2016) 65(10),103201(5)

61. 基于磁悬浮大体积交叉光学偶极阱的Dimple光阱装载研究
物理学报 (2016) 65(8),083701(9)
62. 磁光阱中超冷钠-铯原子碰撞的实验研究
物理学报 (2016) 65(9),093201(6)
63. 高效频率转换下双波长外腔共振和频技术研究
物理学报 (2016) 65(7),074202(8)
64. 双通道石英增强光声光谱测声器的设计及实验研究
大气与环境光学学报 (2016) 11(1),38-43
65. 基于π移相光纤布拉格光栅的高精度温度测量
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66. 基于实时优化单光子干涉可视度的相位编码量子密钥分发
量子光学学报 (2016)22(3),221-225
67. 铯蒸汽池内微波场空间分布的高分辨测量
量子光学学报 (2016)22(4),311-315
68. Spatial distribution measurement of the microwave electric field strength via the Autler-Townes effect of Rydberg atom
Liu Jiasheng, Zhang hao,Song Zhenfei, Zhang Linjie* ,Jia Suotang
IEEE Xplore 978-1-4673-8762-0
69. Principle and Design of a Binary Phase Modulator Based on the Electro-Optic Effect for Speckle Reduction in Laser Displays
Zhaomin Tong*
Sid Symposium Digest ofTechnical Papers (2016) 16,1808-1810