Observation of an Electromagnetically Induced Grating in Cold 85 Rb Atoms

Hengfei Zhang, Jinpeng Yuan*, Shichao Dong, Chaohua Wu, Lirong Wang*

Applied Sciences (2020) 10, 5740

Optically tunable grating in a V+  configuration involving a Rydberg state


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Synthetic gauge field and chiral physics on two-leg superconducting circuits

Xin Guan *, Yanlin Feng, Zheng-Yuan Xue*, Gang Chen*, Suotang Jia

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Partial Least-Squares Regression as a Tool to Retrieve Gas Concentrations in Mixtures Detected Using Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Andrea Zifarelli, Marilena Giglio, Giansergio Menduni, Angelo Sampaolo, Pietro Patimisco, Vittorio M. N. Passaro, Hongpeng Wu*, Lei Dong* , Vincenzo Spagnolo*

Analytical Chemistry (2020) 92,11035-11043

Giant magnetoresistance and dual spin filtering effect in ferromagnetic 6,6,12/γ-graphyne zigzag nanoribbon lateral heterojunction

Liwen Zhang, Yaqing Yang, Jun Chen, Xiaohong Zheng *, Lei Zhang *, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia

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Pure spin current generation via photogalvanic effect with spatial inversion symmetry

Xixi Tao, Peng Jiang, Hua Hao, Xiaohong Zheng *, Lei Zhang *, Zhi Zeng

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Quartz Enhanced Conductance Spectroscopy for Polymer Nano-Mechanical Thermal Analysis

Shangzhi Li , Bo Sun,  Zhijin Shang, Biao Li,  Ruyue Cui, Hongpeng Wu *, Lei Dong *

Applied Sciences (2020) 10, 4954

Ultrafast Creation of Overlapping Rydberg Electrons in an Atomic BEC and Mott-Insulator Lattice

M. Mizoguchi, Y. Zhang,M. Kunimi, A. Tanaka, S. Takeda, N. Takei , V. Bharti , K. Koyasu, T. Kishimoto , D. Jaksch ,A. Glaetzle, M. Kiffner , G. Masella , G. Pupillo,M. Weidemüller , K. Ohmori*

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Analysis of the hyperfine structure of the Cs2  33g+  state

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Second-order topological insulator in a coinless discrete-time quantum walk

Ya Meng, Gang Chen*, Suotang Jia

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Sub-Hertz resonance by weak measurement

Weizhi Qu, Shenchao Jin, Jian Sun, Liang Jiang, Jianming Wen*and Yanhong Xiao*

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Spin squeezing of 1011 atoms by prediction and retrodiction measurements

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Reservoir-Mediated Quantum Correlations in Non-Hermitian Optical System

Wanxia Cao*, Xingda Lu*, Xin Meng, Jian Sun, Heng Shen* and Yanhong Xiao*

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Analytical potential energy function study for the 41Π electronic state of Na85Rb molecule

Li Jun Zhong, Qun Chao Fan, Zhi Xiang Fan*, Jie Ma*, Jia Fu, Hui Dong Li and Yong Gen Xu*

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Normal density and moment of inertia of a moving superfluid

Yi-Cai Zhang*, Shu-Wei Song and Gang Chen

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Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Jia Fu, ShanShan Long, Jun Jian, Zhixiang Fan*, Qunchao Fan*, Feng Xie, Yi Zhang, Jie Ma

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Atomic self-organization emerging from tunable quadrature coupling

Jingtao Fan, Gang Chen*, and Suotang Jia

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Microwave coherent control of ultracold ground-state molecules formed by short-range photoassociation

Zhonghua Ji*, Ting Gong, Yonglin He, Jeremy M. Hutson, Yanting Zhao* , Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2020) 22,13002

Bio-inspired multiple-stimuli responsive porous materials with switchable flexibility and programmable shape morphing capability

Yan Sun , Min-Kyeom Kim , Mei Wang , Jianmin Yu , Sung Yong Hong , Jae-Do Nam Lijie Ci , Jonghwan Suhr*

Carbon 161 (2020) ,702-711

Anisotropic electromagnetic interference shielding properties of polymerbased composites with magnetically-responsive aligned Fe3O4 decorated reduced graphene oxide

Sung Yong Hong, Ye Chan Kim, Mei Wang, Jae-Do Nam, Jonghwan Suhr*

European Polymer Journal 127 (2020),109595

Light-induced thermo-elastic effect in quartz tuning forks exploited as a photodetector in gas absorption spectroscopy

Stefano Dello Russo, Andrea Zifarelli,Pietro Patimisco, Angelo Sampaolo, Tingting Wei, Hongpeng Wu, Lei Dong*, And Vincenzo Spagnolo*

Optics Express (2020) 28(13/22),19074

Quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy for hydrocarbon trace gas detection and petroleum exploration

Angelo Sampaolo, Giansergio Menduni, Pietro Patimisco, Marilena Giglio,Vittorio M.N. Passaro, Lei Dong*, Hongpeng Wu, Frank K. Tittel, Vincenzo Spagnolo*

Fuel (2020)277,118118

Highly customized 1010 nm, ns-pulsed Yb-doped fiber amplifier as a key tool for on-demand single-photon generation

Oliver de Vries*, Marco Plotner, Florian Christaller,Hao Zhang,Annika Belz, Benjamin Heinrich, Harald Kubler, Robert Low,Tilman Pfau, Till Walbaum, homas Schreiber ,Andreas Tunnermann

Optics Express (2020) 28(12 / 8), 17362-17373

Attosecond Charge Migration Can Break Electron Symmetry While Conserving Nuclear Symmetry

Dietrich Haase, Jörn Manz* ,and Jean Christophe Tremblay

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2020) 124, 3329-3334

Flexible engineering of light emission in monolayer MoS2 via direct laser writing for multimode optical recording

Chengbing Qin*, Yan Gao, Lei Zhang, Xilong Liang, Wenjun He, Guofeng Zhang, Ruiyun Chen,Jianyong Hu,Liantuan Xiao*, and Suotang Jia

AIP Advances (2020)10, 045230

Topological quantum walks in cavity-based quantum networks

Ya Meng,  Feng Mei*,· Gang Chen*,·Suo-Tang Jia

Quantum Information Processing (2020) 19,118

Hyperfine structure of the NaCs b3Π2 state near the dissociation limit 3S1/2   6P3/2 observed with ultracold atomic photoassociation

Xiaofeng Wang, Wenliang Liu,Yuqing Li, Jizhou Wu*, Vladimir B. Sovkov,  Jie Ma*, Sofiia Onishchenko,Peng Li, Yongming Fu, Dan Li, Qunchao Fan, Liantuan Xiao and Suotang Jia

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  (2020) 22, 3809-3816

Creation and Annihilation of Nonradiative Recombination Centers in Polycrystalline Metal Halide Perovskites by Alternating Electric Field and Light

Ruiyun Chen, Jun Li, Alexander Dobrovolsky, Soranyel González-Carrero, Marina Gerhard,Maria E. Messing, Vladimir Chirvony, Julia Pérez-Prieto, and Ivan G.

Advanced Optical Materials (2020) 8, 1901642

Giant tunneling electroresistance in two-dimensional ferroelectric tunnel junctions with out-of-plane ferroelectric polarization

Lili Kang , Peng Jiang ,Hua Hao,Yanhong Zhou, Xiaohong Zheng,* Lei Zhang , Zhi Zeng

Physical  Review B (2020) 101, 014105

Observation of photoassociation spectroscopy of ultralong 37D5/2 +  6S1/2 Cs2 Rydberg molecules

Suying Bai, Xiaoxuan Han, Jingxu Bai, Yuechun Jiao, Huihui Wang, Jianming Zhao*, Suotang Jia

The Journal of Chemical Physics (2020)152, 084302

Laser frequency stabilization on 5P → 5D transition by double resonance optical pumping and two-photon transition spectroscopy in rubidium

Jinpeng Yuan, Shichao Dong, Lirong Wang*, Liantuan Xiao,Suotang Jia

Laser Physics (2020) 30, 025201

Measurement of the wavefunction for a biphoton state with homodyne detection using least squares estimation

Yashuai Han , Daohua Wu, Katsuyuki Kasai, Lirong Wang*,Masayoshi Watanabe, Yun Zhang*

Journal of Optics (2020) 22,025202

Compact and Highly Sensitive NO2 Photoacoustic Sensor for Environmental Monitoring

Yufeng Pan , Lei Dong * , Xukun Yin , Hongpeng Wu

Molecules (2020) 25, 1201

Quartz Enhanced Photoacoustic Detection Based on an Elliptical Laser Beam

Zhijin Shang , Shangzhi Li , Hongpeng Wu *,and Lei Dong *

Applied Sciences (2020) 10, 1197

ppb-Level SO2 Photoacoustic Sensors with a Suppressed Absorption−Desorption Effect by Using a 7.41 μm External-Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser

Xukun Yin, Hongpeng Wu, Lei Dong*,Biao Li, Weiguang Ma, Lei Zhang, Wangbao Yin, Liantuan Xiao,Suotang Jia, and Frank K. Tittel

ACS Sensors(2020) 5, 549−556

Generalized optical design of two-sphericalmirror multi-pass cells with dense multicirclespot patterns

Ruyue Cui, Lei Dong* , Hongpeng Wu, Weidong Chen, and Frank K. Tittel

Applied Physics Letters (2020)116, 091103

Quantum spiral spin-tensor magnetism

Xiaofan Zhou, Xi-Wang Luo,Gang Chen*, Suotang Jia,and Chuanwei Zhang*

Physical Review B  (2020) 101, 140412(R)

Concentric multipass cell enhanced double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for sensitive elemental analysis

Yu Bai, Lei Zhang⁎, Jiajia Hou, Yang Zhao, Weiguang Ma, Lei Dong, Wangbao Yin,Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia

Spectrochimica Acta Part B  (2020) 168,105851

Security proof of the two-way quantum secure direct communication with channel loss and noise

Jian-Yong Hu, Liu Yang, Shu-Xiao Wu, Rui-Yun Chen, Guo-Feng Zhang, Cheng-Bing Qin,Lian-Tuan Xiao* and Suo-Tang Jia

Europhysics Letters (2020) 129,10004

Resonance enhanced two-photon ionization and mass analyzed threshold ionization spectroscopy of 4-ethylanisole

Jiayu Hao, Chunyang Duan, Yonggang Yang , Changyong Li *, Suotang Jia

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2020) 369,111258

Broadband detection of methane and nitrous oxide using a distributedfeedback quantum cascade laser array and quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensing

Marilena Giglio, Andrea Zifarelli, Angelo Sampaolo, Giansergio Menduni,Arianna Elefante, Romain Blanchardd, Christian Pfluegld, Mark F. Witinski,Daryoosh Vakhshoori, Hongpeng Wu, Vittorio M.N. Passaro, Pietro Patimisco,Frank K. Tittele, Lei Dong*, Vincenzo Spagnolo*

Photoacoustics (2020) 17,100159

Distinct antiblockade features of strongly interacting Rydberg atoms under a two-color weak excitation scheme

Suying Bai, Xuedong Tian, Xiaoxuan Han, Yuechun Jiao, JinhuiWu, Jianming Zhao*, and Suotang Jia

New Journal of Physics  (2020) 22 013004

Precise Measurement of Hyperfine Structure of Cesium 7S1/2 Excited State

Yunhui He, Jiabei Fan, Liping Hao , Yuechun Jiao, and Jianming Zhao*

Applied  Sciences (2020) 10, 525

All-Optical Reversible Manipulation of Exciton and Trion Emissions in Monolayer WS2

Chaoli Yang, Yan Gao, Chengbing Qin*, Xilong Liang, Shuangping Han,Guofeng Zhang, Ruiyun Chen, Jianyong Hu, Liantuan Xiao*, and Suotang Jia

Nanomaterials  (2020) 10, 23

Development of reversibly compressible feather-like lightweight Chitosan/GO composite foams and their mechanical and viscoelastic properties

Stephanie K. Lee , Mei Wang, Jin Hyun Lee* , Jonghwan Suhr*

Carbon (2020) 157,191-200

Saturation of photoassociation in NaCs dark magneto-optical trap

Xiaofeng Wang, Wenliang Liu, Jizhou Wu?, Vladimir B. Sovkov , Jie Ma*, Peng Li, Liantuan Xiao, Suotang Jia

Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer  (2020)  240,106678

Laser beam modulation with a fast focus tunable lens for speckle reduction in laser projection displays

Zequn Jian, Zhaomin Tong*, Yifei Ma , Mei Wang , Suotang Jia , Xuyuan Chen

Optics and Lasers in Engineering  (2020) 126,105918

Flexible and lightweight speckle noise suppression module based on generation of dynamic speckles with multimode fiber and macro fiber composite

Quan Gao, Zhaomin Tong⁎, Yifei Ma, Mei Wang, Suotang Jia, Xuyuan Chen

Optics and Laser Technology (2020) 123,105941

Probe of topological invariants using quantum walks of a trapped ion in coherent state space

Ya Meng, Feng Mei*, Gang Chen*, and Suo-Tang Jia

Chinese physics B  (2020) 29(7), 070501

Enhancement of the photoassociation of ultracold atoms via a non-resonant magnetic field

Ji-Zhou Wu, Yu-Qing Li*, Wen-Liang Liu, Peng Li, Xiao-Feng Wang,Peng Chen, Jie Ma, Lian-Tuan Xiao, and Suo-Tang Jia

Chinese physics B (2020) 29(8),083303

Enhanced optical molasses cooling for Cs atoms with largely detuned cooling lasers

Di Zhang, Yu-Qing Li*, Yun-Fei Wang, Yong-Ming Fu,Peng Li, Wen-Liang Liu, Ji-Zhou Wu,Jie Ma, Lian-Tuan Xiao, and Suo-Tang Jia

Chinese physics B (2020) 29(2), 023203

Precise measurement of a weak radio frequency electric field using a resonant atomic probe

Liping Hao, Yongmei Xue, Jiabei Fan,Jingxu Bai, Yuechun Jiao, and Jianming Zhao*

Chinese physics B (2020) 29(3), 033201

Coherent 420 nm laser beam generated by four-wave mixing in Rb vapor with a single

Hao Liu, Jin-Peng Yua*, Li-Rong Wang*, Lian-Tuan Xiao, Suo-Tang Jia

Chinese Physics B (2020) 29(4),043203

Highly sensitive detection of Rydberg atoms with fluorescence loss spectrum in cold atoms

Xuerong Shi, Hao Zhang*, Mingyong Jing, Linjie Zhang, Liantuan Xiao,Suotang Jia

Chinese Physics B  (2020) 29(1),013201

NO 分子宏观气体热力学性质的理论研究


物理学报 (2020) 69 (5), 053301






光学精密工程 (2019) 27(11), 2281-08

基于共振与非共振双线的自吸收免疫LIBS 技术研究

侯佳佳,张雷 * ,赵 洋,尹王保*,董 磊,马维光 ,肖连团,贾锁堂

光谱学与光谱分析 (2020) 40(1),261-265

交错跃迁Hofstadter 梯子的量子流相


物理学报  (2020) 69(8),080501